How to Make Money Selling Beats

The world has witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of beat-makers and rappers in recent years. This explains why the Rap and Hip-Hop is one the most streamed genre on platforms such as Spotify and how to make money selling beats!How to Make Money Selling Beats

Savvy producers have, on the other hand, carved out their living by selling beats to new and experienced rappers. Thus, beat-makers can rise to the top of the game since most online platforms are seeking fresh and exciting new beats.

Beats are the song’s melodic and rhythmic backbone. It’s over this that songwriter composes and rappers rap.

You can do what you love and escape the 9-5 work schedule by spending part your day creating music in a studio. The activity will help you earn while asleep or as you chill with your family and friends.

The article will guide you on how to make money selling beats.

What You Need to Get Started

Many producers are making a living by selling beats. These individuals don’t have a team, a manager, or a lot of money. However, they have two essential things namely;

  • Good music
  • A platform to reach their audience

Do you have great beats? If so, you can start a profitable business using your beat making skills. Thousands of artists are waiting on the other side to buy your beats. A recording artist needs a quiet closet and a decent laptop, thus the high demand of crowd-pleasing hits. Therefore, with beats worth selling, music producers can make money from their passion for music.

The next issue is how you can get artists to buy your beats.

How to Sell the Beats

In previous years, it was a struggle to reach artists or sell beats online. The entire process was clumsy because the producer had to burn the purchased files of a beat to a CD and send it to the artists. Thus a producer had to do a lot of work when they made 2 sales that day.

The advancement of technology led to file-sharing, but still, a producer had to email the audio files manually. Today, there are several beats selling platforms on the internet, such as Soundee, Airbit, BeatStars, Soundgine,, TrakTrain, and These sites have made it easier for you to establish a computerized beat selling business.

The journey begins by registering a free account with beat store providers. These platforms respond by giving you a personal website and beat store from where you will start selling your beats.

With a site, you can now begin directing your customers here to buy your beats. Besides organizing your rhythms, the beat store providers ensure that the artists pay you instantly, and you release the files to the customer without hassle. Payments are made via PayPal.

There are two options of subscription plans that beat stores offer beat makers under their platform. The beat store providers have a free plan but charge a commission fee. The second plan is a paid option that allows you to keep the entire revenue.

You are encouraged to promote your beats outside the platform to sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. These social media platforms will help you build a loyal fan base and meet artists to buy your beats.How to Make Money Selling Beats

The business model for selling your beats online is;

  • Create a beat
  • Upload it on a selling platform
  • Promote your beat on various social networking platforms
  • Meet an artist
  • The artist purchases an exclusive or non-exclusive license.

Beat Selling Licenses

There are two types of beat licensing. They include exclusive and non-exclusive licenses. There is one exclusive license but several non-exclusive licenses, such as basic, premium, and unlimited license.

The basic license is the cheapest, while the unlimited is the costly option. You can only sell your beats to a single artist when using an exclusive license and to an unlimited number of individuals when using the non-exclusive licenses.

Therefore, the more the rights and the higher the quality of audio files, the expensive the license. People can instantly purchase the non-exclusive licenses when you create and upload your beat on the beat store. That means artists have user-rights that allows them to use the beat for their personal music projects.

On the other hand, an exclusive license restricts other artists from repurchasing the same beat because it’s marked as sold or removed entirely from your website.

One of the most common questions that could be lingering on your mind is whether the beat selling venture is profitable.

Is Selling Beats Profitable?

Beats are digital products that you can keep on selling over and over. You may not make as much money as you expect in the first months; however, you will get huge profit margins when you gain traction.

On November 11, 2017, BeatStars tweeted that producers selling beats on its platform generated $43,408.26 in a single day. Thus, collaboration between producers and artists can earn a lot of income. It’s also evidence that artists are willing to pay good money for your beats.

Thus, if BeatStars makes $30 million a year, then a beat-maker can earn 01%. This gives you enough reasons to begin selling beats online.

The Downside of Selling Beats Online

Selling beats is not a get-rich-quick method; thus, you have to scale your business by having one sale at a time. You should avoid buying guides that promise 1000 YouTube views or 500 Instagram followers in a day.

Many producers began the beat selling business on their own, and so can you. All that you need is to create new music every day and establish a consistent online presence.

Final Word

The article has helped you understand how to make money selling beats online. Selling beats is a profitable business, for ready artists are waiting for your rhythms and melodies to compose their music. There are several online platforms prepared to work with you, and they will give you a free account and website as well as facilitate your payments.

Therefore, you can make money online by creating and uploading your beats online

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