How to Make Money Selling Stuff

You must have heard that ?one man?s trash is another man?s treasure ” several times. The saying is very true when it comes to selling stuff online.

People are making money online by selling what they don’t need in their homes to someone else who needs it.

You can start small by reducing the clutter in your house. That means you can turn your closet chaos to money. Next, buy things at lower prices from friends and family. Lastly, go online and buy cheap used items from Amazon, Etsy, Craiglist, and sell them to a waiting customer on eBay.

The article will tell you how to make money selling stuff online and the best item you can sell.

1.??? Jewelry

Do you still have that tacky heart-shaped necklace that your ex gave you on a Valentine Day? You can make money out of that failed relationship, instead of throwing away all the unwanted bracelets and rings.

You can visit a few shops and compare their prices then sell them to the store with the best price. However, you should temper your expectations because no matter how fine or rare your jewelry is, you can’t get back what you paid for them.

  • How to Make Money Selling Stuff
    How to Make Money Selling Stuff

2.??? Photos

You can sell the photos on your computer or smartphone online to site such as Shutterstock and These sites are always looking for new pictures to license. Thus, those photos that you took when holidaying in Africa can turn into a continuous revenue stream.

  • How to Make Money Selling Stuff
    How to Make Money Selling Stuff

3.??? Books

Selling books online is an excellent revenue stream that you can start anytime. You can clear your bookshelves by selling the modern first editions, college textbooks, and other collections through sites like Amazon, eBay, Thrift Books, and AbeBooks.

4.??? Furniture

You’re still keeping that old bedroom set after replacing it when you remodeled your home. Although you’re emotionally attached to this set, these items are taking space in your attic and basement. You can, therefore, turn your old furniture to cash by listing them on Craigslist. It’s free to post on this platform, and you may find a local buyer, thus evade the shipping cost.

Alternatively, you can sell the mid-century antique sideboard or modern chair through an antique dealer. These valuable items will give you a lot of money.

5.??? Clothes

Your closet has old outfits that, for some reason, you rarely wear, and they’re still in good condition. Further, you can buy clothes at a lower price at a thrift store and flip them online. Selling a dress with an original tag will earn you more money, and the same applies to the concert T-shirts and sports jerseys. Sell your high-end clothes on the RealReal platform because it offers a good deal.

6.??? Gift Cards

Turning your gift card to a store that you rarely shop is a wastage of money. However, you can turn it into cash or another gift card at Gift Card Granny. The same applies to an e-gift card, which is easier to sell and get paid right away. A physical card may take longer to process because you have to mail it to the store.

7.??? Collectibles

These are different kinds of rare coins, books, wine, currency, model airplanes/cars. You may find collectibles in your home, from family and friends, or buy them at garage sales and sell them online.

8.??? Kids? Toys

Kids outgrow or get bored with their toys fast. Thus, the latest gadget may hit the trash heap sooner than you think. However, you sell these old playthings on stores like Once Upon a Child, or Craigslist as long as they are in good condition. Therefore, those items that you and your kid consider trash might attract budget-conscious parents.

9.??? Video Games and Consoles

Some people are gaming enthusiasts; thus, they buy video games for their kids while some buy to remind themselves of their childhood. These buyers are willing to pay big dollars to a game that they are emotionally attached too.

Therefore, you can buy that vintage video games like the original Nintendo from the garage sales and flip them on Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

10. Disney VHS Tapes

Although your media library has digital stuff thanks to technology, there are Disney fanatics that are still eager to get hold of that old VHS series of classic animated films. Thus, you can turn these tapes into money on eBay.

Other entertainment stuff that you can sell online is the obscure horror movies, which most of them are no longer available on DVD.

11. Fitness Equipment

Do you have a weight set and treadmill collecting dust in the garage or attic? You can turn them into money on Craigslist. The market for fitness equipment is ever-growing; thus, quality equipment will sell like hotcakes on the online platforms. Further, fitness equipment is long-lasting; therefore, they are always in good condition for a re-sell.

12. Vintage Electronics

Every home has old electronic items such as mobiles, cameras, iPods, or TV sets. Unfortunately, these items are lying around the house or packed in a cartoon and stashed in a store. Surprisingly people are willing to pay a lot of money to own those items that you consider old or outdated.

Thus, you can convert that old electronic that you view valueless into money by listing it online. Buyers are waiting for those cassette players, VCRs, or walkmans on Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. Further, you can buy more stock from garage sales and flip them for a higher price online.

13. Sports Cards

People are passionate about their favorite athletes the same way others like movies and TV shows. Thus, you can identify famous or promising players and then buy their cards. The value of your cards increases as their performances rise.

An example is Panini Prizm Giannis whose rookie card has grown to the extent that eBay labels it a Great Investment.

Final Word

The list of stuff that you can sell online is endless. Thus, you can do a quick research on items that are currently listed or that were previously sold to determine whether what you have is worth anything.

You can also start selling stuff online by buying things from friends, family, or garage sales and flipping them on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, or Etsy, among others.



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